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1/ - Sun is burning, there's a current, there are waves, there's no wind, the sails are flapping, we're not making progress.

2/ - I want to stop sailing.

3/ - Oh, look! It's blowing again!

     - Well no, it's okay actually!

Well no, we will never stop flooding you with our little sailing stories...!

Indeed, let's have a

Poem time :

Fortunately, the biggest sorrows

Pass as quickly as the squalls


When the boat is going, everything is going

But when we are not moving,

It's not going well


You need a strong mind

To be carried

On our slow steeds

(It's poetic in french... sorry for the poor translation...)

Your turn !

1/ -Oh god this is going to be shaky...

3/ -This one has a mixed sympathy-capital...

Summertiiiiiime !! This is the come-back on the sea of all our very shaky friends ! Our passage between the Adriatic to the Ionian sea is going smooth, the little motor boats are taking care of us making some crossed-waves so that we are not too disoriented ❤ (and with the smile, yes sir!!!)

1/ - Well... if that how it it... we're going to pay us a little night at the harbour to recover !

     - Yeepee!

2/ - Oh wow, a solid 4-points-mooring...

     - And a flat sea!

3/ - A very stable ground...

4/ - And there's even... there's even...

5/ - A swiiiiiiin' pool!!

6/ - I'm tired of all that luxury...

Part 2 of the terrible journey of the Northern Adriatic Sea which, as if to apologize for being so capricious, makes the smallest puddle of fresh water surrounded by a tarpaulin seem like the height of luxury...

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