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- What is your canoe?

- A Sangria.

- It doesn't look like... What kind of engine do you have?

- An 8 horsepower.

- I doubt about it. It's 12 horsespower on Sangria.

-And where are you going?

- To the west

- No, with the weather coming, don't go this way with such a little boat

- ... Yes, we often feel like the smallest boat around here...

- Oh no the smallest I don't think so...

- OKAY, What about eating something?! I'm hungry.

- ...At this time it would surprise me...

And here is a more documentary story on promiscuity which is sometimes not easy in marinas!! Forgive the critical tone but it's better to try to laugh about it! 😁 Next part in the second drawing 😱😱😱


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