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1/ - Oh man, a storm is coming... it's huge...

     - To lighten the mood, I'm going to read us a nice little book!

2/ - "A wave broke, ran over the wet shore and licked Robinson's feet as he lay face down on the sand..."

3/ - "... It was there that the tragic and ridiculous silhouette of the Virginie stood in the middle of the breakers, whose mutilated masts and shrouds fluttering in the wind silently proclaimed her distress..."

4/ - Whoa, what's that...?!!!

     - Holy cow! We're drifting too!

5/ - Oh la la, we can't do anything...!

     - We're in trouble now...

     - We're going straight on the rocks...!

     - Let's get ready to run aground...!

     - quietthewind quietthewind quietthewind...

     - The anchor has hooked again!

     - Phew...!

6/ - and hop

Well, we wanted to try the calm, relaxing and full of birds anchorages  in the lagoons near Venice, where you put the anchor in the middle of the channel between the stakes in the soft mud, and then a monster fell on us... we don't know what anchor could have resisted such gusts, but the Sweety did its best... and we're still here 😉

After some slightly traumatic events, there is a before and an after, here we can say that there is an after "the Marano lagoon"!

And 50% of the crew got really yelled at for their choice of book! (Thanks Michel Tournier!!!)

Do you also have good ones like that to relax the atmosphere?


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