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What a luck! It looks like they all go along the coast to reach the cargo port further north...


We have to tell you a story : By the force of the winds, the tides and the currents, we had to pass the Strait of Messina in the middle of the night, which will make, you will agree, the story more Homeric.

We experimented :

- a record speed of 7 knots (a lot for our small boat)

- a sudden and torrential rain hiding from us the largest specimen of cargos pointing less than 500m from us

- a grandiose fireworks display celebrating the entry of the Sweety into the Ionian seas

- and, of course, as the drawing shows, profound bad luck with the random trajectories of the cargos coming off the rail... the goal was apparently: crashing into the sweety.

What an adventure! It's not nothing! See you soon for the next ones!


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