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- Oh look!!! He waves his arms regularly!! No doubt, this man needs help!

- He doesn't answer the radio!

- Let's hurry and maneuver!

- I remove the pilote!

- Free the sheet!

- I'm gybing the mainsail!

- I'm passing the jib!

- ... You don't need help...?

- Well no, I was saying hello...

- Ah because it's the SOS sign when...

- And you, do you need help?

- Eh?

- ... A small tool perhaps?

It's funny, in fact, we are often offered tools, we thought we were pretty well equipped...!

 Well... we must admit that we also said hello a little too enthusiastically which cast doubt to the boat we were greeting on a Sardinia-Sicily crossing... ahala, a youthful mistake...


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